Ballot Engine™ - designed and built by us

Ballot Engine™ technology is designed and built right here in Australia and maintained on our secure, scalable application server infrastructure in Australia.

It is a highly configurable technology framework, designed from the ground up to facilitate all elements of the voting and election process. It offers an unrivalled level of process audit capability and accountability.

Our innovative, secure platform allows organisations to focus on good governance and process delivery without compromising data, application security or infrastructure maintenance.


CorpVote's security systems are audited annually by a CREST-accredited certifier. Additional security audits are also performed by client request.
Secure Security certified infrastructure and security assured software you can rely on.
Compliant Rich process policy framework design purely for voting and elections.
Flexible Built to meet your needs while providing genuine vote and voter protection.
Scalable From a few to millions of voters, real world scalability you can depend on.


Driving innovation in the voting industry, CorpVote’s Ballot Engine™ platform, in combination with our process and policy frameworks, delivers a superior experience for voters while meeting the most exacting governance requirements of our clients.
  • Voting channels for all voters

    Secure, integrated and compliance-based voting channels that manage confidential information transactions with complete integrity.

  • Real-time vote reporting

    Process monitoring and reporting designed to support compliance, keep you informed and protect the integrity of your process.

  • Meeting services system

    A complete meeting registration, voting and reporting system to streamline member engagement and comply with meeting governance requirements.

  • Voter sign-in options

    Flexible voting platform authentication methods – voter access codes to state-of-the-art single sign-on (SSO) and 2FA technologies to suit a progressive and security-conscience environment.

  • Integrated support logging

    Connecting voters to the support they need at the time they need it. Reported in real-time to keep our clients informed.

  • Nominations processing

    Comprehensive nominations logging, processing and vetting services to streamline the entire nominations process.

  • Count processing

    Support for multiple vote counting methods – processed, audited and delivered to authorised personnel.

  • Voter roll management

    Data management services to ensure vote compliance and audited voter roll transactions to provide a verifiable process.

  • Tally board

    Secure access and results publication to manage release of this sensitive information.

  • Tier 1 communications platform

    We use industry-leading communications networks to deliver your voter communications and provide fair access to all voters.


Built-in capabilities to ensure your voting process is accessible to everyone and meets the strictest probity requirements of stakeholders and regulators.
Vote from any device

Vote from any device

Fully responsive voting interfaces, tested across multiple platforms and devices and subject to ongoing testing to maintain operability with changing technologies.

Audit and Transparency

Audit and transparency

Audit and transparency capabilities are built into the Ballot Engine™ platform to allow for process interrogation and substantiation.

  • On-demand audit capabilities enable an immediate response to enquires relating to any aspect of the process.
  • Sophisticated access control and logging system provides a clear view of system access and activity for your process.
  • Vote fraud detection capabilities designed to support in-depth vote and election investigations.

Our experience with real-world requirements for process investigation and substantiation ensure that your process will meet the most stringent probity requirements.

Web Accessibility Standards Compliant

Web accessibility standards compliant

We ensure access for everyone. Ballot Engine™ is built to meet all accessibility requirements and complies with all W3C, WAI-AAA, WCAG2.0, UAAG1.0 and Mobile OK guidelines.

scalability, Availability & Reliability

Scalability, availability and reliability

  • Scalability - from a few to millions of voters, our high performance servers, networks and infrastructure all scale based on demand, ensuring our voting channels can handle any load requirement.
  • Availability - we use multiple redundancy technologies for our hardware, networks, data centres and infrastructure. If any component fails, Ballot Engine™ will still keep on running.
  • Disaster recovery - we perform real-time data replication between geographically diverse, protected facilities, to ensure your process data is available and safely stored. In the unlikely event of an entire hosting facility failure, our service will be switched over to keep your process running.

Working with our technology

Engaging or co-sourcing with CorpVote provides clients with direct access to the Ballot Engine™ technology.

This model of engagement enables organisations to streamline and modernise their voting or election without compromising the independent delivery of the process.

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