We are driving innovations in electronic voting

Our dedicated approach to policy development and process auditing ensures our systems and real world processes are accountable and capable of meeting the most stringent probity requirements.

Our experience of working with regulators such as ASIC and the Fair Work Commission has informed many of our electronic voting innovations to provide transparency and accountability across our entire business.

Complete Audit Policy

Compliance and reporting

Compliance is key – each process is reviewed for compliance against your rules and industry regulations. Outcomes from this review are built into the system and documented as part of the election plan. You will then be asked to review all processes in the plan for final sign-off.

Our Ballot Engine™ voting technology features a set of reporting modules that allow us to monitor the ballot in real-time and expedite reporting and access to scrutineers, observers and other authorised stakeholders to meet your reporting obligations.

Compliance & Reporting

Complete audit policy

Our complete audit policy applies to all aspects of our ballot and election service technology and delivery.

A complete audit is maintained and available from the moment of engagement through to the final outcome.

This extends to our representation services that provide support for your process beyond the final declaration.

Privacy & Confidentiality

Respondent anonymity guaranteed

Assurance of respondent anonymity is vital to any ballot process in order for voters to feel free to exercise their voting right.

Our respondent anonymity policy applies to all of our manual and electronic processes to ensure a genuine secret ballot process that voters and clients can rely on.

Respondent Anonymity

Privacy and confidentiality

Respecting privacy and safeguarding confidentiality are fundamental to the way we conduct our business.

Our electronic and manual processes, combined with our comprehensive security policies, offer complete privacy and confidentiality for all voters participating in ballots and elections we conduct.

More about voter privacy
Our Neutrality

Our neutrality

We are a specialist ballot and election service provider. Our business is dedicated to providing organisations with fully independent ballot and election services.

You can be sure that our services are delivered in a neutral environment where all staff and business relationships represent this position without compromise.

Our experience across many different organisations and governance frameworks, provides us with a unique set of skills and knowledge that we can bring to your voting process.