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Workforce voting

CorpVote is a leader in the provision of workforce voting services. Our processes support and engage all keystakehoders including the Fairwork Commission and Unions minimising the risk surrounding workforce voting.

Our workforce voting services are used for the delivery of compliant Enterprise Agreement voting, Health & Safety Representative Elections, Protected Action Ballots and many other voting requirements where secret ballots are required.

We conduct votes in all workforce sectors including:

  • Retail sector
  • State & Federal Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining & construction
  • Transport & distribution
  • Healthcare
  • Airlines
  • Banking and financial
  • Energy and Utilities

Enterprise Agreement Voting (Certified / Collective Agreement)

CorpVote is a leader in the provision of FairWork compliant, independent Enterprise Agreement voting processes for all types of workforce and workplace environments.

CorpVote voting services offer an independent process that includes engagement services for supporting authorised scrutineers, company and union representatives, as well as other interested parties such as the media where necessary.

The level of process, audit and security we offer has meant that we have been employed over the years to deliver voting outcomes for some of Australia most controversial agreements.

CorpVote's fully supported voting services cover ballot planning, management and support, through to vote harvesting, counting, auditing and delivery of a legally binding final audited result.

All outcomes from our industrial relation voting processes are conducted in full compliance with Fair Work Australia’s Fair Work Act 2009 Section 181. In a very contentious ballot where challengers may arise CorpVote will substantiate any element of our process to the FairWork Commission as it has in the past.

Health and Safety Representative (HSR) Elections

CorpVote's Workforce Election Services can deliver an independent, hassle free solution for determining your Health and Safety Representatives.

Generally, the client conducts the nominations process internally to determine who is eligible for election as an HSR. Once this is completed the entire process is officially handed over to CorpVote for an independent election process to be conducted - We manage the entire process from here on.

Using our industry leading election technologies, process and policies we deliver a fully supported election process that will be completed represented by us - we absolve your organisation of any risk surrounding these type of elections.

Note: Workcover rules vary in each state for the Election of Health & Safety Representatives (HSR). Please be sure to check with your relevant workcover autority or, call CorpVote and we'll be able to point you in the right direction.

Protected Action Ballots

Fast and effective workforce voting for the determination of protected action ballots. Fast turn around and fully compliant with Fair Work Australia's Fair Work Act 2009.

Contact CorpVote today to discuss your workforce voting or election requirement.

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