We are the EA voting experts

CorpVote conducts industrial voting processes for Australia’s largest companies including BHP, Coles, Kmart, Telstra, Westpac and Woolworths, as well as federal, state and local government departments including the Fair Work Commission.

We are trusted because we own the entire process solution – from software and methodology to policies and procedures. We are set up to meet the most demanding security, privacy and compliance requirements and so we are always accountable for the outcome.

Take the workload and risk out of your voting process and engage an experienced CorpVote representative to deliver your next workplace ballot.


Trusted by Australia’s largest companies

CorpVote has been a trusted voting partner for leading companies and organisations from across Australia since 1997.

Here's how we do it

Our experience - combined with our comprehensive approach to planning, technology, security, support and representation.
Stage 1

Planning and implementation

Establishing a clear audit trail from the moment of engagement to the delivery of the final result.

  • Our experienced consultants work with you to confirm the voting channel(s), voter authentication method and communications, data management and support requirements.
  • We develop a Fair Work-compliant communications plan to deliver how-to-vote information in sync with your other communications.
  • We complete a ballot plan ready to be executed as required (we understand how variable enterprise agreement voting timetables can be).

No matter how big or small, or contentious your vote, planning is key to mitigating the risk of any challenge to the process or outcome.

Stage 2

Voting service delivery and support

Executed as per the ballot plan according to your schedule.

  • We commence the pre-ballot audit and distribute how-to-vote information to your workforce via email, SMS, post or onsite notices.
  • Each voter chooses their preferred secure voting channel and lodges a secret vote.
  • Our Help and Support team responds to any voter enquiries to deliver the process independently of your organisation.

All delivered, supported, monitored and audited through our industry leading technology Ballot Engine™.

Stage 3

Result declaration, audit and accountability

Independently declared, audited and represented all the way to the Fair Work Commission.

  • The Returning Officer conducts a process audit and signs-off on the result declaration before providing it to the authorised officer.
  • CorpVote distributes the result and provides support for any subsequent queries from voters or participants.
  • We certify privacy compliance to ensure all data obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 have been met.
  • CorpVote provides ongoing services to assist with the Fair Work submission process and beyond as required.

CorpVote supports your organisation through every step of the process by mitigating risk and minimising the likelihood of any challenge of the result.

Features to make life easier

We work hard to deliver a process that works for everyone – organisations, voters and auditors.
Casuals management

Fully declared casual workforce voting management options to ensure transparent processing and Fair Work compliance.

Data management

Don’t be caught out on a technicality. Our data management services ensure your data is handled and applied correctly.

Vote fraud detection

Experience pays and so does data. Our vote fraud detection program protects the integrity of your vote.

Voter engagement

Trust is key – our voter engagement program enables voters to verify our credentials and data security policies.

Experience counts and we’re happy to share

CorpVote consultants have a wealth of experience in engaging with workforces to conduct votes and elections.

We recommend talking to us at the beginning of your process so we can assist with planning and voter engagement.

We can ensure your entire voting process is compliant, fair and transparent. You might be surprised by the wealth of knowledge we have accumulated over the past 12 years.

Trusted by our clients

500+ satisfied clients
6,500,000+ voting transactions
1,600,000+ people have used Ballot Engine™
  • Aviation
  • Healthcare
  • Banking and finance
  • Insurance
  • Clubs and associations
  • Mining and construction
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Utilities
  • State government
  • Federal government
  • Transport and distribution

Data and security assurance made easy

Image Description
Hassle-free security engagement to protect your organisation and your voters.

CorpVote's security systems are audited annually by a CREST-accredited certifier. Additional security audits are also performed by client request.

Our comprehensive security documentation is available on request to answer any questions you might have and to enable your team to complete a full security assessment prior to engagement.

We make security easy.