End-to-end services

Reduce your workload and transfer the inherent risk to an organisation with extensive corporate governance election knowledge and experience.

CorpVote provides election planning, management and support to cover every step of the process, including nominations, vote collection, counting, audit and delivery of an independently represented result.

Our commitment to compliance, transparency, audit and accountability means we can provide an election service that is consistent with your existing governance voting program.

Confidence in the way we deliver our election services

From software to proprietary processes and policies, we own the entire service solution, so you can be confident of every element of the election lifecycle. It all starts with the planning …
Stage 1 Planning, compliance and security
Governance compliance

Experienced consultants review your governance requirements to ensure compliance.


We consult, review and plan the election process to mitigate risk and exposure to any challenge.


We provide complete documentation for your process and establish a clear audit path from start to finish.

Data and security compliance

We engage with your security team to discuss your regulatory and business data security requirements.

Stage 2 Election service delivery and support
Voting Technology

Our voting technology platform, Ballot Engine™, is configured to meet your compliance requirements and deliver all elements of your nomination and election process.


The nominations process is undertaken using our services to manage the submission, logging, tracking and approval of nominations.

Election service

The election is independently delivered and represented by CorpVote from the communications dispatch, vote collection and support, through to the final outcome.

Help and support services

Support services are made available throughout the entire process for the management of candidates, voters and other stakeholders.

Stage 3 Process representation, audit and accountability
Returning Officer

The experienced Returning Officer or Election Administrator will guide and adjudicate your nomination and election delivery program from start to finish.

Audit and transparency

Our audit policy framework is applied to respond to enquires as they arise and deliver a verifiable audit trail to support the integrity of your process and the outcome.

Compliance reporting

A complete set of compliance reports are provided at the conclusion of the process to establish a comprehensive audit trail and assist with any process review.

Security and privacy

CorpVote’s data retention policy ensures your process meets the requirements of Australia’s data privacy laws and the regulators, as well as the expectations of your members.

Data and security assurance made easy

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Hassle-free security engagement to protect your organisation and your voters.

CorpVote's security systems are audited annually by a CREST-accredited certifier. Additional security audits are also performed by client request.

Our comprehensive security documentation is available on request to answer any questions you might have and to enable your team to complete a full security assessment prior to engagement.

We make security easy.

Intelligent election features

We work hard to deliver a process that benefits everyone – shareholders, voters and regulators.
Candidate management

Our issues management and response services are designed to support your candidates and protect your organisation.

Data management

Don’t be caught out on a technicality. Our data management services ensure your data is handled and applied correctly.

Circular Diagram Compliance
Vote fraud detection

Experience pays and so does data. Our vote fraud detection program protects the integrity of your vote.

Voter engagement

Trust is key – our voter engagement program enables voters to verify our credentials and data security policies.

Working with CorpVote

Engaging or co-sourcing using CorpVote gives your organisation access to professional expertise, best-in-class voting technology and certified security platform. No matter how you choose to work with us, your process will be designed to mitigate risk, reduce your workload and deliver an impartial election outcome.