Voting, election and AGM services

Designed to meet the most stringent governance and regulatory requirements.

Workforce voting

Work with experienced workforce voting specialists to deliver independent, impartial enterprise agreement voting.

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Meeting services

Elevate your meetings with our expert planning, accountable technologies, and friendly support for virtual, physical or hybrid events.

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Election services

Managed nomination and election services designed to reduce risk and your workload and ensure compliance with your governance obligations.

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Managed voting services

Access experienced people and industry-leading voting technology to mitigate risk and reduce your workload.
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Industry professionals to plan and deliver your voting requirements

Experienced CorpVote representatives take on the responsibility for delivering your voting process. We're always ready to share our know-how to ensure a smooth process that complies with your governance voting requirements.

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Dependable, compliant technology and infrastructure you can rely on

CorpVote’s Ballot Engine™ technology is designed to meet today’s voting requirements. Built from the ground up to meet the most complex security requirements and delivered on dedicated, scalable, enterprise-grade infrastructure.

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Process representation, compliance, audit, privacy and transparency… it all comes with the service

Our focus on governance, compliance and regulatory requirements ensures we deliver your vote to meet the most stringent probity requirements. Our comprehensive audit policy supports upfront audits, in-depth process investigations and substantiation that will satisfy regulatory requirements – now and into the future.

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Keep your governance voting program in check

Partner with CorpVote and let us help you deliver on your governance requirements year after year. We can track your AGM and election cycles to deliver voting plans and execute ballots as you need them to maintain governance continuity & compliance.

CorpVote Ballot Engine™

Engineered for the most demanding voting requirements.

CorpVote’s proprietary Ballot Engine™ software platform has been designed and developed from the ground up to deliver on today’s voting requirements. Our feature-rich and highly configurable technology framework offers an unrivalled level of accountability and process audit capability to ensure the integrity of your voting program.

Secure Security certified infrastructure and security assured software you can rely on.
Compliant Developed using a rich process policy framework designed purely for voting and elections.
Flexible Built to meet any voting requirement while offering genuine voter anonymity.
Scalable Offering real-world scalability to manage any ballot process: from a single vote to millions.

Vote process innovations

Making life easier for everyone.

Not all votes are equal, rules and regulations change and things need to be fair and transparent for everyone. CorpVote’s experience is reflected in our detailed process framework and proven ability to act as an independent, impartial adviser in all situations.

  • Casuals management - Fully declared casual workforce voting management options to ensure transparent processing and Fair Work compliance.
  • Data management - Don’t be caught out on a technicality. Our data management services ensure your data is handled and applied correctly.
  • Vote fraud detection - Our Vote Fraud Detection program provides the tools to protect your voting outcomes.
  • VoteLink™ - Streamline your governance voting program experience.

Why choose CorpVote?

Over 20 years of experience in delivering voting and election services across all types of organisations. Our industry knowledge and deep understanding of governance, audit and compliance provides the best support to deliver on your voting requirements.

Australia’s largest organisations from the public and private sector trust CorpVote to plan, manage and secure their voting and election requirements. CorpVote is a specialist voting company who offers complete independence and representation.

CorpVote’s voting technology Ballot Engine™ is designed, developed, built and maintained by CorpVote under an industry standard Software Security Assurance program. All our data and application services are hosted in Australia and subject to Australian law.

From software to process to policy and security, CorpVote owns the entire service solution enabling us to ensure the lifecycle of your vote or election and represent it directly to stakeholders and regulators.