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Voting Management

CorpVote is an independent ballot and election service provider. We offer a complete range of voting management services for the successful delivery of secret ballots and election processes.

Voting Channels

Traditional and state-of-the-art electronic voting. CorpVote's process backed technology platform provides a fast, accurate and accountable process across all types of voting populations for all types of ballots and elections.

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Internet Voting

Secure, platform independent Internet voting channel.

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Telephone Voting

Reliable telephone voting services for any size electorate.

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Postal Voting

Traditional voting process for all electorates large and small.

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SMS Voting

Fast, accurate and audited SMS voting services for any voting requirement.

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Multi Channel Voting

All CorpVote voting channels are seamlessly integrated into the secure Ballot Engine™ system. Leverage our secure proven technology to streamline and modernise your voting or election process without compromising the fundamentals of conducting transparent, fair ballots and elections.


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Independently verify your participation in the voting process. Visit the voter verify page.

Used by leading companies and organisations across Australia

  • MacMahon
  • Queensland Government
  • Virgin Blue
  • RACV
  • Westpac
  • NSW Gov
  • Spotlight
  • St George
  • Luxottica