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Voting Management

CorpVote is an independent ballot and election process provider. We offer a complete range of voting management services for the successful delivery of secret ballots and election processes. These include:

  • Board elections
  • Director and Governor elections
  • Committee Member and Office Bearer elections
  • Enterprise Agreement ballots
  • Collective Agreement / Workplace Agreement ballots
  • Employee Representative elections
  • Proxy / Meeting Voting
  • Staff Consultative Committees and Forums
  • Casual vacancy and by-elections
  • Protected Action ballots
  • Association and membership ballots

Our services deliver a transparent, secure and independent approach to the conduct of your ballots and elections. Our cost-effective solutions are used by government departments, private and public companies, and large and small member based organisations

Working with CorpVote

Engaging or co-sourcing with CorpVote provides your organisation with access to professional skills and technologies for the conduct and delivery of all aspects of your ballot and election requirements. CorpVotes fully managed process includes the following services:

  1. Review of ballot or election governance requirements
  2. Ballot or election planning and consultation services
  3. IT environment compliance
  4. Secure, integrated Internet, Telephone, SMS and/or postal voting channel(s)
  5. Voter Roll management services
  6. Compliant voter authentication method
  7. Audited voting information distribution services
  8. Designing and production of voting documentation
  9. Ballot or election materials supply chain management - Printing, auditing and mailing of voting documentation
  10. Voter support services (Help Desk)
  11. Scrutineering and monitoring services
  12. Demographic reporting (Geo data services)
  13. Vote harvesting and secure storage
  14. Tabulation of votes
  15. Final result declaration report
  16. Complete process audit report/documentation
  17. Privacy compliant ballot archive and data storage and removal procedures.

You are also able to utilise our professional services forany aspects of your ballot or election process. Corpvote commonly provides the following services to assist organisations.

  • complete ballot process infrastructure and management services
  • design and production of voting material
  • complete ballot materials supply chain management and auditing
  • Returning Officer Services
  • Voter Support Services
  • comprehensive audits for all ballot activities

CorpVote is an independent and neutral organisation. We specialise in the delivery of ballots and elections and ensure that all staff and business relationships represent our impartial position without compromise. Our dedicated approach to process auditing ensures our systems and services are capable of withstanding the most stringent probity requirements whether it be from members, representative groups, shareholders, the media and other ballot observers.

Moving to Electronic Voting

CorpVote assists organisations that currently use traditional paper based voting systems to migrate to electronic based voting systems. Electronic voting using the telephone, SMS and/or the Internet, is a powerful means to address issues that compromise the participation rate of voters, the speed with which a result is finalised and the potential to control and reduce the operating costs of the project. Voters can be anywhere in the world and only need access to a telephone or the Internet to participate in a ballot or election process. Electronic voting is ideal for situations where:

  • Voters are geographically dispersed;
  • Time constraints require fast deployment and rapid feedback of results;
  • Postal voting is currently utilised and the organisation wishes to expedite the process; and
  • Voting is non-compulsory so convenience is critical to maximise participation rates.

An important element of any electronic voting application is security and availability. The CorpVote Ballot Engine™ application under goes regular Security Code Audits by an external security provider and is hosted on CorpVote servers within an accredited, high availability and secure data centres.

Contact CortpVote today and find out how our cost effective, flexible voting and election services and assist your organisation.