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Security, Privacy & Audit

CorpVote invests considerable resources not only in the development of our technological infrastructure, but also in the creation of robust processes, policies and principles by which we deliver our services.

Privacy & Confidentiality

Respecting privacy and safeguarding confidentiality is fundamental to the way we conduct our business. CorpVote’s electronic and manual processes, combined with our comprehensive security policies, offer the highest level of privacy and confidentiality for all ballots and election processes.

Respondent Anonymity

Assurance of respondent anonymity is vital to providing a ballot and election process in which voters feel confident and free to express their voting right. CorpVote's Respondent Anonymity Policy applies to both our human and technical processes to ensure a truly secret ballot process that voters and clients can depend upon.

CorpVote Complete Audit Policy

CorpVote's dedication to process auditing ensures our systems and real world processes are capable of meeting the most stringent probity requirements.

The CorpVote Complete Audit Policy (CCAP) applies to all aspects of our ballot and election service delivery and processing. The policy ensures a complete audit is maintained from the moment of engagement through to the final ballot or election outcome and beyond. Some of the key features of this policy are:

  • Physical site inspections for material handling and dispatch.
  • Audit on demand. CorpVote is able to produce an audit of the process upon request at anytime.
  • Complete technology transaction logging, monitoring and reporting.
  • Pre and Post process audit procedures.
  • Privacy compliant post ballot and election archive and data storage procedures.

Third Party Software Security Assurance

Software Security AssuranceCorpVote works with Nazori Pty Ltd to maintain a software Security Assurance program across all elements of our software development. This program has been in place from the ground up to ensure that the CorpVote Ballot Engine™ system is secure from the writing of the first line of code.

The Nazori Software Security Assurance, or SSA, is a holistic approach to software development aimed at making critical business software more secure and impervious to attack by addressing security risks at the application code level.

CorpVote Ballot Engine™software undergoes constant Security Code Audits to achieve and maintain this assurance.

CorpVote Neutrality

CorpVote Pty Ltd is dedicated to providing organisations with neutral ballot and election services.

We apply our service in a neutral environment where all staff and business relationships represent this position without compromise – We are dedicated to the process and a fair and equitable outcome.

More Information

Security, privacy & compliance are a cornerstone of the CorpVote business and we are dedicated to meeting all our clients requirements. Talk to a CorpVote representative about how we are able to meet your requirements. Chances are we already have.

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