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Corpvote - Ballot Engine™

CorpVote's Ballot Engine™ Technology is designed and built by CorpVote and maintained on our secure application server infrastructure. It is not an off-the-self "Black Box" solution, but a robust and highly configurable technology framework, designed and built from the ground up to provide the highest-integrity end-to-end voting and election system in the business.

Ballot Engine™ is a product of over ten years of voting and election industry driven software development. Our innovative, transparent platform, facilitates all areas of the voting and election process and offers an unrivalled level of process audit and accountability.

Engaging or co-sourcing with CorpVote provides clients with direct access to the Ballot Engine™ facilities. This type of engagement allows organisations to streamline or modernise their ballot or election without compromising the independent delivery of the process.

CorpVote is committed to utilising state-of-the art computer security which does not only mean the encryption of information but the full arsenal of methods employed to ensure the integrity of voter authentication, data protection, vote integrity, secure anonymous voting, server reliability, access controls and much more.

Ballot Engine Schematic


Yes Secure Integrated Voting Channels

Four seamlessly integrated, secure, voting channels. Telephone, SMS, Postal and a platform independent Internet Voting channel. Allowing voters to use their desktop, laptop, smart phone of tablet (iPad) to lodge a secure anonymous vote from anywhere anytime.

Yes Flexible Voter Authentication Methods

Flexible approach that allows organisations to use any combination of voter authentication details to mark back the voter roll and ensure compliance.

Yes Electronic Nomination Management

Track, manage, collaborate and verify nominations in real time. Integrated nominations processing saves you time and us.

Yes Web Accessibility Standards Compliant

All Ballot Engine™ Voting and Information interfaces are Section 508 compliant and developed to meet accessibility requirements in compliance with the W3C / WAI-AAA /  WCAG2.0 / UAAG1.0 / Mobile OK guidelines.

Yes Ballot and Election Monitoring

Ballot Engine™ Ballot Portal interface offers a suite of facilities that keep you, observers and scutineers in touch with the ballot or election process in real time.

Yes Secure Infrastructure

Ballot Engine™ production servers are hosted within an accredited, high availability and secure SAS70 Type II data centre.

Yes Voter Roll Management and Data Services

Integrated voter roll covering all aspects of voter roll management and transaction auditing. Flexible enough to deal with the most transient workforce or electorates.

Yes Audited Voter Information Dispatch

Six Integrated, audited and secure voter information distribution methods. Mix and match to meet the requirements of your electorate and provide equal access for all to vote.

Yes Audit On Demand

At anytime Ballot Engine™ can produce an audit on demand covering all aspects of the process . This ensures our systems and real world processes are capable of meeting the most stringent probity requirements (CCAP).

Yes Voter Support & Response Services

All Ballot Engine™ nomination and voting interfaces offer integrated support facilities. Offering all voters the opportunity to seek non-biased assistance at the time of participation.

Yes Custom Ballot & Election Communications

All ballot and election interfaces can be easily customised to include anything you want - your brand, detailed office/biography/bylaw info, photos, random order, write-in options, maximum/minimum votes and rich-text options.

Yes Ballot Engine™ Security

Yes Third Party Software Security Assurance

CorpVote works with Nazori Pty Ltd, a software security service provider, to maintain a Software Security Assurance (SSA) program across all elements of our software development.

Security Software Audited

The Nazori Software SSA encompasses techniques and security best practices focused on removing security vulnerabilities from software and preventing their introduction throughout the application life cycle.

For more information about our Third Party Security Code Audit program please contact CorpVote.

Yes Certified Data Encryption

CorpVote employs the highest standard of certified SSL implementation using Thawte Extended Validation SSL Certificates with up to 256-bit encryption of all data.

Yes CorpVote Security Engagement Program

CorpVote understands the need for organisations to be able to engage to ensure our systems and processes meet their specific security and information privacy requirements. CorpVote's security engagement process puts you in touch with the information and personnel you'll need to meet these requirements.

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