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Voter Support Services

CorpVote offers a variety of support services to ensure all candidates, voters and key stakeholders can seek independent advice and assistance about the process during the ballot or election.

Our support services provide participants with an independent contact point for general and specific enquiries.

Providing clear and easy access to support services not only makes the process more accesible to participants, but elimiates that "closed-shop" perception held by voters by making the entire process more transparent and approachable.

CorpVote professional support staff work from a predefined set of Q&A in order to provide the support service and ensure a clear audit of all information. Some of the standard enquiries we deal with are;

  • Issues management and escalations,
  • Lost or misplaced voter information,
  • Assistance with finding out about candidates,
  • Eligibility enquiries,
  • Assistance with voting instructions,
  • Process challenge procedures,
  • Candidate process enquiries.


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