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telephone Voting Channel

CorpVote’s telephone voting services enable organisations to conduct secure voting via telephone audio prompt. Our state-of-art telephone voting services have been specifically designed to securely manage voting information and provide a simple and reliable environment for eligible voters to cast their vote.

Telephone Voting Channel Delivery

Telephone voting services are managed and processed by the CorpVote Ballot Engine™ and supported by our real-world audit procedures. Voters are able to cast their vote using any touch-tone telephone or mobile from any location in the world.

Accessibility & Integration

CorpVote's telephone voting service offers a most flexible and accessible voting channel designed for voters with visual impairments, motor impairments, and/or illiteracy.

The service offers a real human voice (not text-to-speech like some other solutions) to be used in any language, and supports any universal access-enabling hardware that can operate with a standard telephone.

As with all our voting channels, the Internet voting channel is fully integrated with our Ballot Engine™ system and can be used in any multi-channel voting solution.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Any level of security and voter authentication.
  • Rapid accurate tabulation of electronic results backed by internal human audit procedures.
  • Customised voting script specific for your ballot or election.
  • Large voting capacity - 10 voters to 10's of thousands of voters.
  • Online banking equivalent infrastructure that provides the highest possible level of data security and system redundancy.
  • CorpVote Complete Audit Policy compliance..
  • Comprehensive and transparent ballot management process for Returning Officers
  • Scrutineer and observer interface facilities and processes.
  • In-ballot progress reporting.
  • Comprehensive telephone and internet ballot support services.
  • Comprehensive ballot closing and internal audit procedures.
  • Voter receipt services to provide paper ballot trail for real world audits.
  • Voter Verifiable Results.
  • Pre-ballot system and technical audits available.

CorpVote internet voting solutions are backed by our comprehensive audit and anonymity policies. For details, see Security, Privacy & Compliance.

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