SMS voting

SMS Voting Channel

CorpVote’s SMS voting service allows organisations to conduct secure ballots via 'Short Messaging Service'. Our established proprietary SMS voting services have been specifically designed to manage statutory voting information and provide a simple environment for eligible voters to cast their vote.

SMS voting offers a simple, flexible and accessible voting channel option. Voters are able to cast their vote using any texting device from any location in the world. The flexibility and light weight nature of SMS voting makes it ideal for many different workforce and electorate situations.

SMS Voting Channel Delivery

SMS Voting services are managed and processed by the CorpVote Ballot Engine™ and supported by our real-world audit procedures. This proprietary feature provides an unparalleled level of transaction audit and, as with all our voting channels, the SMS Voting channel is fully integrated with our Ballot Engine™ system allowing it to be used in a multi-channel voting solution.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Any level of voter authentication.
  • Rapid accurate tabulation of electronic results backed by internal human audit procedures.
  • Fully network monitored to ensure SMS data trail secured.
  • Fully redundant data and server services.
  • Open Code Audit Policies - Transparent software.
  • Ballot management process for Returning Officers.
  • Scrutineer and observer reporting services.
  • CorpVote Complete Audit Policy compliance.
  • In-ballot reporting.
  • Comprehensive ballot support desk services – telephone and internet.
  • Comprehensive ballot closing and internal audit procedures
  • Voter receipt services to provide paper ballot trail for real world audits.
  • Voter Verifiable Results.
  • Pre-ballot system and technical audits available.

CorpVote internet voting solutions are backed by our comprehensive audit and anonymity policies. For details, see Security, Privacy & Compliance.

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