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Returning Officer Services

CorpVote offers thorough and efficient Returning Officer services that will ensure your ballot or election is administered accurately, a full audit is maintained, and the voting process is adjudicated independently by an impartial party.

You can engage CorpVote to manage the entire ballot process end-to-end, or you can draw on our knowledge, processes and technologies to assist your nominated representative perform the duties of Returning Officer.

CorpVote Returning Officer Services

  • Complete ballot process infrastructure and management services,
  • General independent adjudication of Election By-Laws,
  • Ballot materials supply chain management and auditing,
  • Ballot processing infrastructure,
  • Detailed scrutineer response services,
  • secure, audited mail boxes,
  • Monitored voter, candidate, and key stakeholder support services,
  • Accurate ballot counting facilities for rapid ballot results,
  • Comprehensive audit services for all ballot activities,

Role of the Returning Officer

The Returning Officer is responsible for managing the process and obtaining the result of the ballot. This person should also be able to assist and advise should any issues arise during the ballot process. Engaging an external and independent Returning Officer will assist in establishing the impartiality of the vote – an extremely important consideration for any organisation.

CorpVote has extensive experience in managing the entire voting process – from planning through to post-ballot analysis and auditing. Our professional voting services are designed to take the work out of the ballot process so clients can focus on their core issues.

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