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Proxy / Meeting Voting

CorpVote provides comprehensive services for the planning, management and delivery of Proxy / Meeting Voting requirements.

We provide an end-to-end solution for the management of proxy collation and reporting, meeting registration and polling, through to the subsequent declaration of results, attendance reporting and detailed auditing.

Proxy / Meeting Voting Platform

CorpVote's Ballot Engine voting platform offers a fully integrated approach to the delivery of the Proxy / Meeting Voting process.

It enables organisations to utilise postal and/or online proxy collation and directly integrates with the meeting process to provide a true end-to-end process.

Reporting on all elements of the process is provided in real-time and is accessed via the CorpVote Ballot Portal at any time.

Key Services

  • Fully managed Proxy / Meeting Voting service
  • Comprehensive planning and governance review
  • Access to real-time reporting of all elements of the process
  • Application of CorpVote Complete Audit Policy (CCAP)
  • Proxy Form design, print and mailing services
  • Member Register data services
  • Member support desk
  • Audited email dispatch
  • Online and/or Postal Proxy voting facilities
  • Meeting attendance and member registration
  • Returning Officer services
  • Process consultation
  • Assistance with chairperson’s script
  • Process and audit reports
  • Privacy compliance

Talk to CorpVote about your next Proxy / Meeting Voting process and find out how hassle-free it can be.

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