postal voting

Postal Voting Channel

CorpVote postal voting services provide organisations with a comprehensive framework to conduct independent, policy-compliant and secure postal ballots for all voting requirements.

This traditional voting channel offers well established processes and methodologies for the delivery of a transparent ballot process. CorpVote utilises the declaration envelope voting method to ensure voter security and the delivery of a transparent ballot process. Our thorough approach and modern processes ensure your ballot meets the most stringent probity requirements and provides rapid collation of results.

Postal Voting Channel Delivery

Postal Voting services are managed and processed by the CorpVote Ballot Engine™ and supported by our real-world audit procedures. Our standard processes offer an unparalleled level of security and accuracy for postal ballot processing, data storage and process auditing.

As with all our voting channels, the Postal Voting channel is fully integrated with our Ballot Engine system allowing it to be used in a multi-channel voting solution. Ask us about our ballot transitions strategies that utilise On Demand Postal Voting.

Postal Voting Capacity and Logistics

CorpVote has extensive secure printing, packing and mailing capabilities for the distribution of election materials of any type to any size electorate. This covers general election kits to secure voting information such as Voter Access Codes and other credentials.

Key Features & Benefits

  • creation, management and supply of ballot materials, including ballot envelopes, ballot papers, reply-paid envelopes and other related materials
  • secure independent mailing services for the dispatch of ballot papers
  • On Demand Postal Voting services - postal voting option available on request.
  • provision of dual audited reply-paid post office boxes exclusive to the ballot
  • complete or assisted Returning Officer services
  • independent support for voters, election project managers, scrutineers and third party auditors
  • ballot processing either on-site or at CorpVote premises
  • CorpVote Complete Audit Policy compliance.
  • state-of-the-art postal ballot processing technologies
  • ballot procedures tailored to meet company constitution, policy, corporate governance or legal directives
  • secure storage and audit provisions (physical and electronic) to facilitate scrutineering and random secondary or complete recounts
  • comprehensive audited ballot results report within 24 hours of the ballot closing.

CorpVote postal voting solutions are backed by our comprehensive audit and anonymity policies. For details, see Security, Privacy & Compliance.

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