multi channel voting

Multi Channel Voting

CorpVote’s Multi Channel Voting service provides the technology, methodology and process to conduct secure, independent ballots using a combination of voting channels (telephone, Internet, postal or SMS) with complete integrity.

Multi Channel Voting solutions allow organisations to meet the needs of their workforce or electorate by providing more equitable access for voters to exercise their right to vote. CorpVote's seamless management of multi channel voting means organisations can always meet their specific technical, security and process requirements, without compromising the integrity or auditabilitly of the ballot process.

Multi Channel Voting Channel Delivery

CorpVote's Ballot Engine platform is specifically designed to manage multi channel voting. Providing a complete ballot management, processing and reporting application engine for multi channel voting. This ensures accurate vote harvesting, information security and comprehensive process auditing facilities.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Flexible service delivery options to suit your workforce or electorate.
  • Any level of security and voter authentication to suit all channels.
  • Rapid accurate tabulation of electronic results backed by internal human audit procedures.
  • Audited materials management for all voting channels
  • Established real world processes for managing multiple voting channels
  • Precise multi channel ballot management which guarantees a secret ballot process where no one is able to vote twice regardless of the voting channel.
  • Open Code Audit Policies - Transparent software.
  • Ballot management process for Returning Officers.
  • Scrutineer and observer reporting services on all channels.
  • In-ballot reporting.
  • Comprehensive ballot support desk services – telephone and internet.
  • Comprehensive ballot closing and internal audit procedures
  • Voter receipt services to provide paper ballot trail for real world audits.
  • Voter Verifiable Results.
  • Pre-ballot system and technical audits available.
  • Pre-ballot opt-in and opt-out strategies to maximise the benefits of multi channel voting.

CorpVote hybrid voting solutions are backed by our comprehensive audit and anonymity policies. For more details, see Security, Privacy & Compliance.

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