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Industry Award Voting

CorpVote's independent Industry Award nomination and voting processes provide a real level of credibility for the determination of your industry awards.

Our industry award nomination and voting platform offers a range of presentation and integration technologies to engage your industry and provide an independently determined awards outcome.


CorpVote's standard nomination system provides a robust and clear process for the submission and presentation of your industries or associations award nominees.

This coupled with our custom services allows you to present your nomination how you want via an independent interface or embedded into your website.

Voting and/or Judging

The Industry Award Voting platform offers the same level of security and auditability as is used for the conduct of Board of Director Elections. As with the Board of Director election services, CorpVote will stand by the system and independently respond to any inquires about the process.

The platform offers the flexibility to use multiple voting channels and any level of voter/peer authentication. Voting can be as simple as selecting between yes or no, or as complex as selecting from a range of drill down lists to submit a preferred group.

Talk to CorpVote about the your next industry awards voting process and find out how engaging it can be.

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