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General Voter Q&A

I did not receive a Voter Access Code?

Please be sure to check the following:

If you have received a communication from CorpVote (an email, letter in the post or SMS) please be sure to read it carefully as to not miss any of the details - Your Voter Access Code is most likely located within these materials.

If you are still not able to locate your Voter Access Code, please contact the CorpVote support line on 1300 147 797. Please note that you will be required to verify your identity and eligibility.

I have lost or deleted my voting information and Voter Access Code?

Please be sure to check you email inbox and/or Post Box and/or SMS inbox.

If you have lost your Voter Access Code, you will have to contact Voter Support on 1300 147 797. Please note that you will be required to verify your identity and eligibility.

I am having difficulty signing in because of a problem with your Voter Access Code?

Check the following items:

  1. Your Voter Access Code cannot contain any spaces.
  2. Re-check that you have entered your Voter Access Code correctly.
  3. Your Voter Access Code can only be used once to submit a vote, so if you are attempting to vote again you will not be able to. Please note that all attempts to do so are logged and reported to the Returning Officer.

I don't seem to be able to log into the system.

In order to successfully access the system your browser must support JavaScript, and this option must be enabled in your browser before you can access or submit your vote.

To assess whether JavaScript is enabled

Click the 'Start JavaScript Test' button. If the progress bar appears then JavaScript is enabled. If not, then please contact your IT Department for assistance with enabling JavaScript in your browser.


Where do I find information about what I am voting on/for?

Please refer to your Voter Information for more information about your specific ballot or election details.

Is my vote anonymous? How secure is the process?

Yes, all votes submitted to the system are anonymous. The credentials you provide when accessing the system are for the purpose of authentication only - like being ticked off the voter roll in traditional elections.

You voter credentials are in no way tied to your voting preference.

CorpVote undergoes annual security audits to ensure we remain secure. We employ military-grade encryption formulas to securely transmit and store data. We also use other forms of code obfuscation and server technologies to ensure the integrity of our process.

Who is CorpVote?

CorpVote Pty Ltd is an Australian company specialising in the planning, management and delivery of secure, independent ballots and elections for all types of organisations. Please reference the following pages for specific information:

Need More Information?

If you still cannot find the answer you're looking for, please contact CorpVote support on1300 147 797 or