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Community Engagement

CorpVote’s fully supported ballot system and technology is a powerful tool for community engagement facilitators to use to independently seek substantiated community opinion or plebiscites or voting outcomes.

CorpVote's processes and services provide a vital 'independent' link between key groups to participate in the collaboration and decision making processes undertaken in community engagement programs.

CorpVote’s proprietary polling / voting technologies are robust, secure and developed specifically to manage confidential data and information transactions with complete integrity.

Community Engagement

CorpVote's range of secure and authenticated polling / voting (engagement) channels are simple to use and accessible by all demographic groups within a community.

Facilitators are able to conduct rolling engagements (multiple processes over time) using any number of channels without compromising the integrity of the data collection process.

Engagement channels include;

By establishing an independently provided, standard and easy to use engagement process for the community to use over the period of the engagement program, allows facilitators to concentrate on core issues while the community can simply engage throughout the process via an independent, trusted channel.

Substantiated Community Engagement Outcomes

The substantiation of an engagement process by the community is paramount to the credibility and integrity of a community engagement program. CorpVote's authenticated engagement platform allows individuals within a community to substantiate themselves and then anonymously participate in providing an opinion or determination – much like participating in a secret ballot process.

Further to this individuals are able to ‘self-verify’ their input without compromising their privacy.

Independently Support for the Community

CorpVote’s community engagement process support services assist individual’s to understand the engagement process and ensure all individuals have an equal opportunity to participate in the process.

Community engagement facilitators can stand back from the process and allow individuals to independently verify the process and seek unbiased assistance to participate.

Acquiring community opinion, determinations or voting outcomes this way instills a high level of trust between the community and the program. By utilising our support service to facilitate the provision of engagement channels and processes, participants can be assured that their privacy is protected and their level of engagement is independently managed.

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